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MyPuck Goalie Sticks

Special Occasion Goalie Stick (Junior Model)

Special Occasion Goalie Stick (Junior Model)

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Some special occasions exist and we're here to help you support the cause. It can mean supporting a good cause or having fun with 3rd jerseys or even holidays.

Our Junior Goalie Stick is perfect for the tendy who plays high level hockey and has the body strength to make use of the materials. These twigs range in paddle sizes: 21" and 23".

Our Sticks are a foam core base. This means you're going to get great control and feel for the puck. Of course, these are also Canadian made!

We'll also add your last name to the shaft at no extra charge.

Weight: 650g and 690g

Flex: 3.9

These are the following turnaround times on our sticks:
- Black/white: 3-5 days
- Other colour: 4-7 days
- Blank stick with name: 4-7 days
- Fully customized (name, colour, logo): 3-4 weeks

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