Shipping & Returns

Shipping Info

While we make every concession possible, we do have a shipping fee. Please refer to the checkout page for associated shipping fees.

Returns & Refunds Info

Due to the nature of our custom goalie sticks we do not necessarily offer refunds on a finished product. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction, however, due to the complex nature of customizing sticks sometimes a colour or logo may not be exactly matching the request.

Here's what may constitute a refund:

  • actual stick colour is different from the order (e.g. white stick ordered, black stick delivered)
  • incorrect logo (e.g. Maple Leafs logo ordered and Rangers logo delivered)
  • stick was broken upon delivery
  • player's name spelled incorrectly

Processing a refund via email only:

  • provide us with your order number
  • include images of the issue(s) at hand

We will review the email and contact you for next steps.

What is not considered a refund:

  • subjective feelings about a stick such as the blue not being blue enough or the size of the logo isn't what you may have perceived it to be.

If you're unsure of your exact situation please contact us at

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