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Our Story

It's no secret that customizations have hit an all-time high in the hockey world. Goalie gear more precisely has seen an immense boom in both the customization of the technical aspects of pads and more recently the imagery included on the face of pads.

But what happened to the goalie stick? Sure, you could customize colours but you were stuck with the manufacturer logo and/or limitations on what could be customized.

MyPuck Goalie Sticks was started by a couple of goalies who saw the need to improve how goalies use their sticks and, more importantly, how the stick has become a fashion statement both on the ice and for their own character.

Our founders are goalies who have been puckstoppers since the ages of 5 and 6 (meaning over 70 years of combined goaltending experience!). They've played at some of the highest levels of hockey including CIS university as well as minor pro.

What they knew was what they wanted in a stick: durability, comfort, able to stop the puck without harsh vibrations and to play the puck with ease & accuracy. On top of that they wanted a stick that could be visually customized to whatever they wanted - this became the reasoning for MyPuck Goalie Sticks.

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